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bulletFat Ass 54 miles trail run
bullet8th January 2000
bullet54 miles
bulletDunton Green, North Downs Way, London
bullet37.6 miles in approx 7 hours

I was running really well this year trying to make up for retiring the year before at 36 miles... The extremely hilly North downs way footpath ws just as hilly as the previous year, but the ground was even more water logged after previous weeks of rain. Unfortunately I slipped whilst climbing over a wooden style at 21 miles.... I landed on left leg with Quad muscle taking big impact on the lower step of the style as I fell to the ground.

My leg was dead for many minutes, and never really stopped being numb. once on the hard stony surface as the terrain changed from mud to stones at approx 30 miles, my left quad was very very tight and I decided to retire at 37.6 miles in same fashion as I had retired the year before.. ordering a taxi and train back to collect my car.

2 days later i had a huge deep purple and green bruise the size of the palm of my hand on my left quad which took a couple of weeks to disperse... must have been mild internal bleeding after the fall..??


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