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bulletGreat Lakes Challenge 2002
bullet5th to 8th April 2002
bullet3 day mountain Marathon: 65 miles + 24000ft Ascent
bulletConniston, Lake district, UK
bulletDay 1 = 8H
bulletDay 2 = 11H
bulletDay 3 = 5H

The Great Lakes challenge is a 3 day mountain marathon, but unlike the normal 2day events organised by Lowe Alpine and Karrimor KIMM to name a few, there is just one category (Solo) and the number of runners is approx 50. The events like the KIMM have many categories, most are run in pairs and the total number of competitors tend to be approx 2000 runners.

Basically you are given a map and a list of grid references and feature descriptions.... You plot the grid references on to the map and then your task is to navigate to each of these controls, marking the race card with relevant mark or information once found. Some controls are hard to find.. and others are easy.. it is a test of fitness and ability to navigate with map and compass.

As a result, this proves to be a very friendly race with little pressure on running fast times all 3 days and unlike all other mountain marathons, although you need to carry food and emergency clothing, survival gear, the weight of tent and stove are transported to the overnight camps by the organiser.

I tend to use a Goretex Bivi bag which provides good warm dry sleeping conditions... although I do have lightweight racing tent for the bigger events as rules specify whether Bivvi bags are banned...!!

You decide which route you take, and in good weather navigation is easy... Luckily the 3 days were clear blue skies with awesome views... the previous and following weeks were wet and windy..!!

As you can see, the attraction of these type events are obvious... this is what running is all about... Awesome scenery and good company.. the fell runner is a unique breed..!!


A few more pictures of the terrain which we run through during the 3 days.... Climbing up the side of a hill to the ridge and seeing a lake directly beneath you on the other side is a beautiful and memorable sight, savoured and always enjoyed.




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