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bulletKarrimor International Mountain Marathon (KIMM) 2 day
bullet29 to 30th November 2000
bulletDay 1 = 31K, 5000ft Ascent, 8 Hours 10 mins
bulletDay 2 = 28K, 4000ft Ascent, 6 Hours 01 mins
bulletMillom, Lake District, UK
bulletTotal = 14 Hours 11 mins

I entered the A class with Andy, he was recovering from an injury and wanted someone to run the course for fun... his navigation was superb... only made 1 mistake which took us 1 minute to find control, others were found within seconds.

The weather was horrendous gale force winds and torrential rain, worst storms for over 100 years and we were up in the mountains running and camping..!! but there were 2000 people in total, 200 in each of the main classes and 50 in the elite solo category... they were incredible mountain runners.. there equipment was so light it was not up to the weather conditions and many didn't sleep at all during the night camp... I learnt that in future I should put my clothes etc into sealed plastic bags as they were soaked and I spent a very long cold night in a tent in extremely heavy rain. There was no socialising unlike most of these events as the weather was too bad.

Some of the route choices were so different to what I would have chosen on my own, but streams were running over crags as normal waterfalls would, but were then catching the wind and forming a fountain blowing metres into the air above where the stream originally started.. quite scary at times and not pleasant to be competing in.

We finished in 25th place out of 150 in our class but we took it very easy pace although the weather did brighten up for a few hours during day 2 but we all looked at each other at the finish and said "what the hell was that" ..!!!!



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