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bulletIrish Wicklow Mountain Marathon (2days)
bullet20 and 21st May 2000
bulletDay 1 = 25K, 1000 Metre Ascent, 8 Hours
bulletDay 2 = 20K, 1000 Metre Ascent, 6 Hours
bullet, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
bulletTotal = 14 Hours

The difficulty here was the navigation... the controls were very hard to find as I entered the elite solo class. Basically had to be within 2 metres of the post to see it and they were in re-entrants and other nasty locations which are not distinct features. I lost lots of time looking for the controls and learnt a lot about navigation.

The scenery was superb... lots of lakes and waterfalls in the hills and the people were very friendly... very low key event with just 200 competitors covering 4 classes of course.

Full rules so had to carry tent, sleeping bag, food, clothing, first aid, etc. etc. had a full rucksack as most of equipment was not racing gear and was bulky and heavy.

Have since invested in smaller, lighter equipment.


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