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New Forrest 1998
Nottingham 1998
Manchester 1998
Snowdonia 1998
Luton 1998
South Coast 1999
Neolithic 1999
White Peak 1999
Potteries 1999
Taunton 2000
Connemara 2002


The Traditional Marathon event is a 26.2 mile run. These are predominantly road races held all over the world with approx 50 held in UK each year, one held in most cities with entries form as little as 50 up to huge events like London with 40,000.

I prefer the smaller rural events like New forrest marathon and Connemara Marathon in Ireland but also enjoy the medium sized ones in cities like Nottingham, Manchester, Snowdonia in Wales, etc. with fields of approx 1000 - 2000 runners.

Unlike ultra running, these tend to require running at high effort all the way round and all my results have been between 2H 59 and 3H 30 mins depending on how hilly the course.. Snowdon is very hilly but others are flat.

Often they combine half marathon with full marathon, usually starting together but the half marathon runners dropping out at the half way mark (usually a figure of 8 course) although some do start the half at the half way mark so everyone finishes at the same place.

From this page you have links to events and results of marathons I have run:


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