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Sri-Chinmoy 1999
Badwater Ultra 2000
Spartathlon Greece
Badwater 2002
RTB Relay 200 miles 24H


Pure Ultra marathons tend to be held on roads and tracks.

There are many types of Ultra Marathons like:  

bulletPoint to point road
bulletmultiple laps of a road circuit
bulletmultiple laps of a 400 metre track

The events also differ in their aim, generally falling into 2 categories:

bulletHow fast can you run a pre-determined distance
bulletHow far can you run in a pre-determined time

The distance races are all over the marathon distance, common distances are:  50KM, 40M, 50M, 100KM, 100M, 100+ Miles.

The time races are usually held on short loops or a 400 metre track to accurately measure the distance each runner completes. The times are usually: 6H, 12H and 24 Hour events.

I prefer the point to point and long loops rather than the 400 metre tracks, the boredom of running in a circle for 24 hours is as big a challenge as the fitness required to keep running for 24 hours. With point to point the scenery is always changing, but that usually means hills and unknown terrain.

Here are links to the Ultra road races which I have competed in, 3 of them are way over 100 miles in deserts and Greece...!!


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