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Triathlon Levis 2001
Longest Day 1999
Ironman Scotland 1999


The Ironman Triathlon consists of 3 discipline, swim-bike-run. The disciplins are continious i.e. no breaks and the clock starts when the competitors enter the water and doesn't stop until you cross the run finish line on completion of the marathon.

The events consist of:

bullet2.4 Mile Swim
bullet112 mile cycle
bullet26.2 mile run

After never competing in a triathlon, I figured that if I could run 100+ miles in a day, then covering the same distance on bike and foot must be easier. For several years I swam 1 mile breast stroke and realised I could complete the swim within the 2 hour cut off time and decided to enter the Longest day as an experiment to see what it was like. I bought a triathlon bike and found it so much easier to ride than my old mountain bike and after a few 60 mile training cycles It was time to travel up to Wolverhampton.

After completing the event in 11H 20 mins, I was informed of another Ironman held at Loch Tay in Scotland 3 weeks later and I travelled up to the race with Jules who was also competing.

Once again I was almost last out of water with a swim of 1H 40, but was 4th fastest on the marathon and finished the hilly Scottish cycle and run courses in 12H 15 mins.

The scenery at Loch Tay was very beautiful.


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