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bulletNeolithic Marathon
bullet2nd May 1999
bullet26.2 miles
bulletStone Henge, Wiltshire, UK
bullet3 Hour 18 mins 00 secs

Finished in 8th place out of 200 runners.. The course is point to point starting at Avebury and finishing at stone henge. This is the only day of the year that public are allowed on the MOD land as it is usually an active tank range, but as a result completely natural meadows which are ironically protected by the tanks.

It was a scorching 30 degrees centigrade, first sunshine of the year and previous weeks very cold... the course was also rolling hills all the way with parts on road and parts on rough tracks.

There is also a walk organised which starts at 6am so running at 10am meant there were plenty of people on route..!!


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