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Martha Vinyard 20 Mile run


18th February 2006


20 miles road race




event website:




Time : 3 H 01M 59s    

254 14 F3034 Meredydd Evans 34 F 81 West Boylston MD 3:01:59 9:06


        Route  Map                                                                                    Report

Matha Vinyard is a small island off cape cod and there are ferries from the mainland to the ferry at regular intervals each day all year round.

As the race started at 11 am, there was enough time for me to drive 2 hours to cape cod and catch ferry to the island in the morning as the race start was the ferry terminal.

The weather was cold.. the high temperature for the day was 28 degrees F and it was breezy with much of the route run along the ocean front with little protection from elements.

Thus being first run since breaking leg in 2005 and not being able to train much due to work and college studies, I started quite well... but then realized the only refreshments on the course were freezing cold water that gives brain freeze when drinking and had only eaten 2 slices of toast + 2 cans of slim fast many hours earlier I ran out f energy after 7 miles and jogged through to the finish.

Truth be told.. I was just really happy to be out there running and experiencing life running for the first time in over 12 months.

Next year I need to train and lose 20 pounds gained due to lack of exercise.






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