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Clinton 30K Run


bullet5th March 2006
bullet146     2:38:48.41   Evans, Meredydd           West Boylston, MA          M     34      393


The Clinton 30K is 1 lap of the Wachusetts reservoir starting in Clinton Middle school, running to West Boylston then back through Boylston through Clinton past the reservoir Dam and the returning to the Clinton Middle school. (This is the same lake where I do most of my freshwater fishing as I live just 2 miles from it :-)

The weather was cold but no actually freezing and I took camelback with gatorade and eat many snack bars prior to running and although much slower than I was running prior t0 2005, I was consistent and relatively strong  around the whole undulating course.

I had not managed to train at all between the Martha Vinyard 20 mile race 2 weeks earlier and I was happy to enjoy the event averaging just under 8.5 miles per hour.



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