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Bow Hunting


In January 2010 I bought a Bear showdown single cam quad limb bow for hunting.

In February I joined local sportsman club which has indoor archery league and learned to shoot the bow accurate at 20 yards and during the summer and fall practiced often at different targets on the range from 10 through 50 yards.

In April I completed the hunters education program classes and received the certificate / Hunters Ed card required prior to applying for hunting permit, and followed that course with an International Bow hunting class which entitles me to hunt with Bow in any of the USA states and international from countries like UK and Germany to South Africa to Australia, South America etc.

These courses were run by Massachussets and are free :-)

I bought the standard hunting permit for Deer (2 bucks per year) and also applied and received doe permit. In addition, have to buy extra stamps for Bow hunting and waterfowl from the state. For Goose and ducks, also had to buy federal permit from post office. Stamps for bow and waterfowl are $5 each and the federal migratory birds permit was $15.

I expectt he first year to be big learning curve... then maybe next year will be more productive.


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