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Bow Hunting

Here are logs of successful hunting trips.


2017 Hunting Log


Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
05 Dec 17 Zone 4, Blue Hills, Boston 3 2 yearling does, 64 pounds, 62 pounds

1 four year old doe, dressed out 121 pounds

Bolt action shotgun
28 Nov 17 Nantucket 1 1 doe dressed 86 pounds Shotgun in swamp
23 Nov 17   2 1 Hen and 1 rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde  
18 Nov 17   1 5 pt buck Road kill


18 Nov 17   2 1 hen and 1 rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde


17 Nov 17   2 2 Rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde
10 Nov 17   2 1 hen and 1 rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde  
04 Nov 17   2 2 Hen Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde  
28 Oct 17   2 1 hen and 1 rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde
26 Oct 17   2 1 hen and 1 rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde  
21 oct 17   2 2 Rooster Pheasants Shotgun over Clyde  
20 Oct 17   1 Hen Pheasant Shotgun over Clyde  

2016 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
26 Nov - 02 Dec 2016 Nantuckett 16 deer 0 Shotgun
12 Nov 16   11 Pheasants 2 Pheasants shotgun over Clyde

05 Nov 2016   8 pheasants 2 Pheasants shotgun over Clyde

30 Oct 2016 1 pheasants 1 Pheasant shotgun over Clyde

29 Oct 2016 5 pheasants 2 pheasants shotgun over Clyde

27 Oct 2016 0 birds shotgun over Clyde

23 Oct 2016 2 pheasants 2 pheasants shotgun over Clyde

22 Oct 2016 8 pheasants 2 Pheasants shotgun over Clyde


14 oct 2016 Darthmouth second Grant, NH 3 days hunting Grouse and Woodcock Clyde and Students

Sat am pointed and flushed 6 grouse

Sat PM flushed 3 Grouse

Sunday am pointed and flushed 12 birds, a mixture of grouse and woodcock.

Bagged one Grouse

Sunday PM pointed and flushed 5 Woodcock



2015 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
20 Dec 2015 CT border with MA 1 Whitetail Deer 4 pt buck

Approx 125 pounds

road kill

Had just been hit on 395.  When dressing out, ribs and spine shattered, just processed the 4 legs and the neck.

Provided 45 pounds de-boned venison in freezer :-)


12 Dec 2015 Burrillville RI 2 Pheasants 1 Rooster

1 Hen

Shotgun over Clyde


28 Nov - 04 Dec 2015 Nantuckett 2 Deer I tagged 2 Button Bucks.

Group tagged a total of 20 deer



26 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 Pheasants 1 Rooster

1 Hen

Shotgun over Clyde


22 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 1 Whitetail Deer 90 pound button Buck Roadkill

Just been hit on head by car. Only trauma was neck


22 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 1 Pheasants 1 Roosters Shotgun over Clyde


21 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 Pheasants 2 Hen Shotgun over Clyde


15 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 Pheasants 2 Roosters Shotgun over Clyde


14 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 Pheasants 2 Roosters Shotgun over Clyde


12 Nov 15 Burrillville RI 1 pheasant 1 Rooster Shotgun over Clyde


08 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 pheasants 1 rooster

1 hen

Shotgun over Clyde


07 Nov 2015 Burrillville RI 2 pheasants 2 roosters Shotgun over Clyde


07 Nov 2015 private club 2 pheasants 1 rooster

1 hen

2 rooster and 2 hen shotgun over Clyde. Both Myself and friend bagged our 2 bird limit.


05 Nov 2015 Chauncey MA 2 pheasant

1 woodcock

1 Hen

1 Rooster

1 Woodcock

Shotgun over Clyde


25 Oct 2015 Burrillville RI 1 pheasant 1 rooster Shotgun over Clyde


24 Oct 2015 Bolton MA 1 woodcock 1 woodcock Shotgun over Clyde


23 Oct 2015 Bolton MA 1 Pheasant 1 Hen Shotgun over Clyde


20 Oct 2015 Burrillville RI 1 pheasant 1 Rooster Shotgun over Clyde


17 Oct 2015 Chauncey and Berlin MA 2 Pheasant 1 Hen from Chancey

1 hen from Berlin

Shotgun over Clyde


2014 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
20 Dec 2014 Royalston 1 Whitetail Buck 1 Buck dressed weight of 150 pounds

Less than 1 pound fat.

9.6 pound tenderloin

61 pounds ground

17 pound steak

Black Powder

Both Antlers fractured.. 3 points left.. was probably 8 point


29 Nov to 05 Dec 2014 Nantucket Island 18 whitetail deer between group of 14 hunters


Biggest deer was 8 points weighed in at 149 pounds dressed

My share was a large doe... which dressed at 85 pounds.

produced 25 pound ground venison, 5 pound tenderloin and 9 pound of steak.

Shotgun slugs and Blackpowder during morning and night stands.

Shotgun buckshot when driving piece of land


15 Nov 2015 Bolton Flats 1 Hen Pheasant 1 Hen Pheasant Shotgun


01 Nov 2014 Bolton Flats 1 Hen Pheasant

1 Cock Pheasant

1 Hen Pheasant and 1 Cock Pheasant Shotgun



2013 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
07 Dec 2013 Sterling, MA 1 Deer 1 Anterless deer.

Small Buck with less than 3 inch horn.


After 2 inch snow on Friday night, still hunted MDC land through very thick brush. Found a solitary deer track and followed it for a few hours.

twig break and 4 deer run at me through the brush... front 2 see me at 20 yards and stop.. other 2 change direction and gone. As the front 2 turn to jump away, managed to get shot off dropping deer on spot.

Whole event was less than 5 seconds.


22 Nov 2013 High Ridge WMA, Gardner 1 Goose 12 Pounds Shotgun

Invited to go pheasant hunt with dog and after few hours of hunting with no luck, whilst returning back to gate we heard and saw geese come onto horizon and then proceeded to fly low and right over our heads. Was very lucky opportunity and having the waterfowl stamps we were able to harvest a goose.

Waded waist deep into the icy pond to recover the bird.


23 Feb 2013 Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts,

Furnace Road, Drumore, Pensylvania 17518

1 Whitetail Doe

1 Sheep

After deboning, 34 pounds venison and 26 pounds of Lamb

Remington 870 shotgun with cope sighted in at 80 yards and using rifled slug for Ammunition.

Drove down with Will and his son Chris and we worked together on the hunt.

Chris took the first doe, was great, doe jumped up 20ft in front of us and he did perfect shot to harvest first doe.

I took second doe, a herd were running past us and managed to stop them for a few seconds.. long enough to take shot and the doe dropped on the spot.

Later we found the herd with the sheep and plan was to drive them toward Will. They ran down the hill, across stream and stopped on opposite side of river.. Saw shot for the sheep which this time was not obstructed and I took shot. The sheep ran 20 yards and dropped.

the herd ran up the hill and past Will, he noted one was injured by another hunter and when we met up, we decided to take the doe that was injured as humane thing to do. We drove the herd and could easily see the doe that had been injured, she was able to keep up with the other deer and we had to set multiple ambush before Will was able to take clean shot. If not high fence, this doe would have run miles and would never have been harvest. This is one aspect of high fence hunting that I do like.. you can recover wounded animal if that is necessary.

Later when questioned, another hunting party admitted shooting a deer but thought they had missed..!!



2012 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's
17 Nov 2012 Martinsburg, Pensylvania, PA 16662 4 Whitetail Doe after de-boning we ended up with total of 161 pounds Venison 1 Doe harvested with Bow

Went to the tree stand early in morning and there were several deer on the trail eating corn that was put out the day before. The deer moved away as we entered the tree stand and about 1 hour later a big doe came back to feed. She started feeding on the corn and i was able to take the shot with bow. She ran off down the hill, stopped for a few seconds then ran off into the brush. Could see with binoculars there was good amount blood on the trail and plan was to follow the tail a few hours later.

3 Doe harvested with 300HH rifle

There was a good hour of little sign deer and then heard a stone clink.. looked down and a doe was walking away from tree stand. Had no time for bow, so picked the rifle, took aim and fired. The doe dropped on the spot.

About an hour later there were several bucks chasing does up through the trail 90 yards up the hill.. saw one group go through then a few mins later another buck and 3 does came through and stopped.. took shot with rifle and the doe I aimed at was gone and the deer walked up hill.. thought had missed but called in the shot. The owner came up tot he area and guided him to where the doe which I shot at was standing.. he saw no doe or blood and told me they will circle behind and drive some deer down the hill so I could harvest 3rd doe and we can start recovery and processing. 15 moins later a group of deer come bounding down the trail, one stops to look back and the rifle drops her right on the spot. When owner coming down the hill after the shot, he found the 3rd deer I had shot at.. it had dropped into a hollow where tree had been where it was previously hidden...!! did I owe for 3 or 4 deer?

After dragging the 3 deer shot with rifle to the tree stand trail so can be carried out on 4*4 we followed the blood trail for the first doe.. a hundred yards and we found her under a tree where she had lay down and died.


After recovering the 4th deer, the owner said it was his fault for not searching proper and ended up giving me the 4th doe for $30 cost to skin and quarter. Couldn't say no to that and brought home 4 deer for the freezer. The front leg of the second doe was completely destroyed, as she was walking away, the bullet hit rib and all the shrapnel went through into the front leg so the meat was one big blood clot and was discarded.

The deer taste fantasic :-)



14 Jan 2012 Easton outfitters, 175 South Cambridge road, valley falls, NY 12185 1 Cow Elk 1 Cow Elk


Brought home:

Tender Loin 18 pounds

Rear Ham 104 pounds

Front legs 44 pounds

ribs 34 pounds

liver 6 pounds

heart 2 pounds

Neck 12 pounds


Complete skin for tanning


There has been very little snow this year and when arrived at 5am went inside lodge and changed into conventional camo rather than snow camo.

The weather was frigid.. low teens farenheight and with wind chill made it close to zero.

Discussing options with the guide, I was going to attempt 3 does during a few days hunting.. the guide suggested that they have one cow elk as a left over after the last bull was harvested the day earlier.. and there would be much more meat on one elk than 3 does... and I could harvest the elk for same price as 3 does. After seeing the bull elk that was hanging outside, I agreed to take try and take the elk. As there is only one elk left, the odds of shooting with bow would be very low but guide agreed if i take the bow and he carries rifle, then we can try to bow hunt and if not practical then we would revert to using rifle.. spot and stalk tactics.

We walked up through the first field and followed a tree line up a hill to a second field at base of the main wooded mountain. As we approached the second field we saw the elk and some deer in the second field grazing about 30 yards from a tree line hedge. we stopped for a few minutes and then the guide slowly led me along the tree line toward the elk. wind was in our favor and when eating we moved.. when lift head we stopped.

We slowly progress until we came to a hole in the tree line which I could shoot through.. the elk was 10 yards further down the field.. but was consistently grazing then moving forward a few paces then grazing so we decided to wait. slowly the front leg and nose came into the firing lane then the front shoulder... she chewed and swallowed the grass then moved forward to present perfect broadside at 29 yards. I let the arrow fly and it went clean through both lung.... the elk ran about 50 yards and fell in hedge where she very quickly expired.

The odds of getting an opportunity like that was rare.. even on preserve, there was 1 elk and about 200 acres of varied land.. to be able to get within 28 yards and harvest the elk with bow was very special. These animals are huge.. didn't look that big in the field.. but once got to see it close up.. it is over 500 pounds. They look like giant red stag :-)






2011 Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's

25-27 Feb Easton outfitters, 175 South Cambridge road, valley falls, NY 12185 1 White tail Doe


1 white tail doe


Well the weather was awful again. Arrived eventually after driving just 30mph for hours through snow storm and with snow cammo throw over went out into the heavy snowing conditions with instruction on where to go and to simply walk 5 or 6 paces then stop 30 secs and look around then walk and look through the dense swamp area as deer are all hunkered down sheltering from storm. Saw tracks but no deer and circled up the hill and spotted some deer below.. then 3 pigs come running up and spook them.. they ran off down the hill into the swam so I followed and stopped in the swamp for a few mins... looked up and the deer came in around me with one just 30 yard broadside. Can only shoot the ones with yellow tag on ear and only part of deer couldn't see was head.. after a while took one step and they all spooked and ran off. Tried with rifle in afternoon but the deer were not co-operating and didn't get any kind shooting opportunity.

Day2 started with snow but then sun came out.. so went into a blind on one of the food plots where Bison cleared away snow so we hoped the deer would come over to feed. After 3 hours or so saw a doe nervous come into the cleared area to feed.. watched her for a while as second doe joined and was not able to take clean shot. After while they separated a bit  and took shot.... some kind of spasm on my part when pulling trigger as whole hand jerked and 1 deer ran off.. but the second deer didn't run off just looked around for noise.. had time to reload and this time no nerves shot perfect on shoulder and she went 15 yards and dropped.

Beautiful deer, a little smaller than the last one but great condition :-)

The weather then turned back to snow and conditions proved hard to try and get second deer as there were also some boar and sheep hunters working the property.

Sunday morning.. more snow.. went back tot the blind and saw nothing apart from 1 deer high up on hill. said had to leave at 1:30 and would you believe it.. whilst watching the hill in front saw a movement and 3 deer sprinted from less 40 yards from blind over to the woods and up hill.. by time got the scope on deer to see if any had yellow tags, they were out of range. Just like fishing :-)

Walked back to lodge at 2pm and these 3 walked right through the food plot without stopping, got to the trail I walked in on and soon as they smell cent they took off running. If looking other direction at the food plot then would have had second deer in bag at easy 40 yards.. Thought that deer going into food plot would stop and eat some of the food that the bison had exposed.  that's hunting.. can't cover 2 fields and hill 100% at same time :-) 



5th February 2011 Easton outfitters, 175 South Cambridge road, valley falls, NY 12185 1 White tail Doe 1 mature white tail doe This is a preserve hunt and they are only culling does during Jan and Feb. The does are marked with small yellow tag on ear and that is only way when hunting in deep snow to tell difference between does and the bucks.

They breed pedigree deer here used for creating trophy animals for outfitters around USA and also have 250 acre mountain area with food plots where deer live wild. Once 4 years old, the does are moved from the breeding areas to the hunting area. To maintain healthy levels, they cull does to insure food plots and resource have adequate food for the trophy bucks to grow and stay strong.

Heavy snow this year.. 3ft snow on ground. At 7am drove into tree stand on snowmobile and set up on tree stand at corner of 2 well trodden trails.  2 hours later a buck and doe come along another track 50 yards from stand and walk out into the field and start eating. after an hour, see them come back onto another trail behind the tree stand and they lick and eat the thick brush.. at this point they are 50 yards away but they wander around and slowly got closer. The buck kept stepping out and got within 20 yard of tree stand. but the doe was very elusive.. kept hiding in the thick brush and with 2 trees in way kept switch sides forcing me to move from one end of tree stand to other without being seen or heard. An hour of this.. and finally went to make shot and there was branch in way... and she realized something was wrong.. they circled around got wind and ran off. Could have easily killed the buck 10+ times. Feet were frozen and arms exhausted from holding bow etc. waiting for doe to make 2 more steps into opening...!!

Went back to lodge at 12 had food and had offer to use rifle.

So test shot on target and first shot at 50 yard was very close to bull eye.. so we went still hunting along the snowmobile tracks as the deer were all bedded down due to heavy snowing and ice rain we were experiencing.

Guide was able to spot deer 250 yards out hiding under logs etc. that took quite while for me to find.. eyes not tuned in. Had clear shot on a group deer 150 - 200 yards.. using sticks took shot and the deer jumped like had hit the front shoulder as aimed... guide said good shot she will drop in a few seconds.. a few minutes later she is still walking around without limp.. so we realized the shot must have been real close but just missed as there was no blood on the snow and dear had all walked off in 3ft snow.

A while later we come across 2 deer 2/3 up the mountain and another 100+ yards one stopped and looked right at us.. out of breath walking through deep snow had all clear to shoot from standing position and as pulled trigger, the gun didn't fire when I expected and had to pull trigger back further... so I jerked the gun and missed again. Should have been all set.. with 1 fallow and one whitetail by now.. and I was pissed with myself as we have to keep going.

Just before dark making way back to lodge we come across 7 deer in food plot feeding... I could say I shot this one but was honest and said i had 2 really good opportunity and messed up... you take the standing shot at 100+ yards and I will be happy to go home with cooler full of meat... as this will be last opportunity of day.

II have not shot rifle for 20 years and really need to spend hour at range to be comfortable.

Obviously the guide shot the deer and it ran 50 yard and sat down. 5 mins later head was still up looking around so we slowly walked closer to the deer and finished her off with a shot to the head.

Will be going back in 2 weeks time.. for Bow hunting on second trip, we only pay if shoot an animal.. so if no deer come in range, you don't pay fee. This works well.. so will plan to stay a few days on next trip and hopefully take a similar doe with my Bow.

Was an action packed day for sure :-)



2010 Bow Hunting Log

Date Location Total Bag Method Photo's

26 December 2010 Daytona Florida 1 Wild Boar 1 Wild Boar approx 110 pounds Bow

Rage 3 blade and 2 blade broad heads.

Signed up for a wild boar hunt on fenced 280 acre preserve with guide. Wet, cold very windy with gusts over 40 mph.

Had opportunity for a fantastic grey wild boar approx 350 pounds with large tusks and awesome character but due to early morning poor light and the corn feeder being out of corn, we didn't get to take a shot at 7am. Spent next 8 hours trying to find the pig using tree stands and still hunting.

towards end of day decided to do a meat hunt and out of a family of pure black pigs, there was one with white head we identified as a good meat hog.. so I referenced her as "pork chops" since first encounter in morning.

at 4pm we managed to stalk up on where this group of pigs were feeding and was able to take a shot. Without using the rangefinder, the shot was low and back from the shoulder.. pig squealed, ran forward a few steps and looked around. Brian told me to reload and shoot again.. this time I hit just behind the shoulder and the pig ran off squealing about 30 yards into the brush. Very quickly found blood trail, lots of blood and heard the pig doing "death dance"  in the brush. Went back and recovered the arrows which were both clean through the pig, then followed the trail to the pig that was now dead. Very quick.

Shooting in the field is nothing like shooting at the range.. there are so many factors to consider.

Brian took the pig to a nearby farm where the animal was skinned and quartered. Very clean way to harvest the meat.

For novice hunters, I strongly recommend participating in guided meat hunts, learn so much and you get to put some meat in freezer :-)



21 October 2010 Rocky Pond, MA 1 Goose 1 Goose Bow

Rage 2 blade broad head, shot goose at 40 yards on Pond after using row boat and drifting to the flock geese with the wind.



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