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Some Pictures of Handsome Louie


Born:    May 2011

Weight:    41.5 pounds

Energy:    Very energetic outside... needs daily exercise

Crate trained:    Yes. He sleeps well in crate and hyper for 30 mins when let him out in morning

Furniture:    First few days jumped all over furniture... but learned very quickly that he is not allowed to do that here. He is a sensitive dog and a quick learner.

Affectionate:    Loves attention. Loves to be petted and loves to be in your company

Leash:    Walks well on leash

Other dogs:    No problem with my 2 pups and no problem with any of the many dogs we met hiking on trails. Loves to run around and play with other dogs :-)

Chickens:    Pays no attention to the chickens in my coop

Cats:    didn't react to neighbor cat when he was on leash and it walked close by. No idea what he would be like with a cat in a house.

Children:    Was good with neighbors children... they are 8 years old. He does jump up but he is gentle. Probably easy to train him not to jump at all.









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